Recycled Terry Towels 25 Pound Box

This is the preferred wiping cloth of choice for many cleaning services as it combines excellent durability with a high level of absorbency. Use these rags once, twice, even thirty times and they will still be as durable as when you first got them. Produced from a majority of terry bath towels, this grade does include small quantities of cut terry bathmats and cut terry bath robes. Don’t let this scare you. This terry mix grade is highly absorbent. While this grade is probably not the best if you are looking for a low lint option, if you are looking for a rag to get down and dirty, this is your choice.

This wiping cloth grade falls into the non-bleed category. When used with acetones, solvents and other chemicals that could potentially cause color to leave the material, this grade WILL NOT bleed color. If you are just needing a rag for general wiping, you may want to check out a colored cloth option. The colored rags offer a price savings compared to the non-bleed options. If you need a rag that won’t bleed color, this grade is for you!
  • Recycled white terry cloth mix of cut garments and towels
  • Durable, High Cotton Content
  • Effective for general and heavy usage, cleanup of spills and drying
  • Popular among Janitorial, Cleaning Services and Boats
  • 100% Recycled product
  • High Absorbency
  • Medium to High Lint