CWS-DM200B Dual Membrane, 4 Stage Water Purification System with Booster Pump

CWS-DM200B:  Dual Membrane, 4 Stage Water Purification System with Booster Pump: The CWS-DM200B Dual, Membrane System Produces an extra high volume of spot-free product water on demand. The CWS-200B is recommended for Window and Solar Panel Cleaning and use with multiple water-fed pole systems.

The CWS-200B is engineered to produce a high volume or pure, spot-free water on demand.  The booster pump is designed for low feed water pressure applications and for increased product water flow.  Dual (RO) Membranes allow for extra high product water flow and for Multiple water-fed pole operation.


Modular, Powder Coated, Corrosion Resistant, High Strength, Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame

Dual Stainless Steel Membrane Housings

Dual Industry Leading 4”x 40” Membranes.

High Capacity 4.5” x 10” Carbon Filter

High Capacity 4.5” x 10” (DI) Deionization Filter

½ HP 115V Booster Pump

0 – 100 Pressure Gauge

Handheld, Electronic (TDS) Water Quality Meter

Filter Housing Wrench


All CWS Series Water Systems are designed and made in the USA.

  • Core Water Systems uses the latest (RO) Membrane, water filtration technology and are built of the highest Quality Parts.
  • All CWS Series Water Systems are Modular and Made of High Strength, Light Weight, Corrosion Resistant, Powder Coated, Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frames which are Stress Tested.
  • All CWS Series Systems Undergo Strict Quality Control Procedures and are all covered by warranty.
  • Recommended Uses Include but not Limited to: Spot-Free Window and Solar Panel Cleaning, Spot-Free Marine and Auto Detailing, Spot-Free Rinse, Spot-Free Pressure Washing, Portable Water Filtration, etc...