Core Water Filter DI 4.5" x 20"

This high-capacity and purity 4.5" x 20" DI Cartridge/Filter is compatible with the IPC, RHG Products, Tucker, WCR, WCR Window Cleaning, CR Spotless, and most other water fed systems. Our cartridges and filters have a longer lifespan and outperform many other brands, making them the top choice for companies looking for quality and cost savings. Beware of cheap and heavily discounted DI cartridges or resin, as they may have limited purity and holding capacity, resulting in more frequent replacements and additional costs. Our premium mixed bed DI filter utilizes the highest absorption capacity and gel poly styrene cross-linked mixed bed DI resin in the industry, ensuring superior quality and longevity. Please note that filter housings/cartridges may vary in design due to availability and inventory.