Core Water Carbon DI 4.5" x 10"

Core Water Systems 4.5" x 10" 5 Micron Carbon Filters feature acid-washed, high purity coconut-based activated carbon.  The carbon in these cartridge's has been specifically developed

The Core Water Carbon DI 4.5" x 10" is a top choice for high-purity water filtration. The acid-washed, coconut-based activated carbon effectively removes chlorine, sediments, and organic compounds. With high-capacity chlorine reduction and reduced carbon particulates, it's perfect for water-fed systems. Replaces CWS-200 Carbon Filters.  To remove or greatly reduce chlorine, sediments, color, soluble organic compounds (SOC and volatile organic compounds (VOC). With high-capacity Chlorine reduction, and reduced carbon particulates, you will soon make them, your carbon filter of choice.


Replaces CWS-200 Carbon Filters and is compatible with most other brand water-fed systems.